Content Pyramid


You've heard the mantra: "content is king." Well, the King is even hungrier with the inclusion of ABM as a core marketing strategy. You need content built for multiple personas, verticals and accounts. How can you create content that easily scales and resonates? Imagine your content strategy as a pyramid that starts with a robust core asset, like survey-based research or a powerful customer story. That asset can then be repurposed into a series of "derivative assets," easily digestible and quick to produce. That's the premise, and the promise, of the Content Pyramid. By developing a monthly or quarterly content strategy, you'll:

  1. Improve your messaging focus with an organized strategy that establishes clear goals and priorities.
  2. Increase your production capacity by making more efficient use of valuable resources.
  3. Create a predictable stream of successful content to engage your buyers and reliably drive pipeline activity for marketing and sales.


Only 38% of B2B marketers rate the effectiveness of their organization’s use of content marketing as “effective” or “very effective.” You can do much better, thanks to the Content Pyramid.

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