Persona Pack


What's the holy grail of marketing? Knowing your buyer. Personas let you laser target your key buyers to hone your messaging, advertising strategy, and ABM efforts. Personas pinpoint valuable information about your buyers, including: your buyer's responsibilities, needs and challenges, pain points, strategic goals, relevant KPIs, and areas where you can help them be successful.

  1. Workshops (by business unit/vertical)
    - Executive workshops (sales, marketing, operations/delivery, customer success/post sales)
    - Client workshops (2-3)
    - Channel/partner workshops
  2. Draft Persona Development and Review
  3. Persona Approval and Deployment


  1. Personas equip your teams with the tools and alignment to create resonance, clarity, and consistency in all communications (sales, marketing, etc.).
  2. This informs, guides, and instructs the creation of public-facing copy.
  3. Ensure you are always speaking your buyer's language, no matter who he/she is.
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