Strategy Pack


This Primer is a fundamental pillar of your ABM strategy. It will serve as the foundation of your messaging and outbound communication across all of your customer facing teams. It evolves based upon your buyer’s engagement levels with your messaging and should be reviewed twice annually.

  1. Your messaging is all about your buyer. The first step is to understand who she/he is. This is the goal of the persona exercise.
  2. Your content marketing strategy is not driven by content; it’s driven by what you want to achieve with your content. What are your top business objectives? Your messaging should stand in support of that.
  3. Campaigns are byproducts of a larger strategy, and their success depends upon how well understood that strategy is.


The right brand strategy, properly built and driven by your company's unique insights and values, is the first and most important step to marketing success. Stand and deliver your messaging, in your voice, to your customers.

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